VikingGenetics is expanding its range of services with the launch of female genomic testing and corrective mating packages. The services promise to offer the United Kingdom (UK) dairy producers the benefits which have helped earn Nordic dairy cattle their reputation as both the healthiest and highest producers of fat plus protein in the world.

The genomic testing service will provide UK producers with an overall economic index and genomic figures for over 40 different traits, including unique VikingGenetics health indexes.

The services will help producers make better decisions about which females to rear, to inseminate to sexed semen or breed to beef. It will allow them to see how their cattle rank on the economic index, Nordic Total Merit (NTM). Alongside genomic testing comes the launch of VikingGenetics’ corrective mating service, VikMate.

Matthew Stott, Director at VikingGenetics UK Ltd, says: “We are all striving to produce an efficient, sustainable cow with innate good health and resistance to disease which produces high quality milk. The UK’s £PLI and NTM have extremely similar formulae. Both indexes reward milk quality, fertility, health and efficiency and help raise a herd’s profits through breeding.” 

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