FOLLOWING the success of Ceva's PRID Spiral in the early 80s and PRID Delta in 2010, the company has continued to invest in research and innovation and are now launching an improved version of their current progesterone releasing device on August 1, 2017.

Product development, with a focus on user experience and cow comfort has led to Ceva developing PRID Delta new grip tail, a new and updated version of the well known PRID Delta.

The product retains the unique properties of PRID Delta, and now comes with a new and easy to use grip tail which makes it easier to extract from the cow.

Further research and development have enabled Ceva to produce a smaller applicator with a bevelled tip which makes it easier to insert in heifers. In addition to this, the applicator is more robust, leading to a reliable application and, again, a better user experience.

"PRID Delta new grip tail combines the well liked features that already existed in PRID, higher progesterone release and the comfort that comes from the triangular shape, with a new and improved tail for easy removal of the product," explains Ceva’s Carol Atkinson.

Increased progesterone release comes from the higher surface area of the product, compared to T-shaped devices.

PRID Delta new grip tail contains 12% more progesterone than a T-shaped device and its larger surface area (29% greater) results in higher progesterone levels in the cow.

Available in wholesalers from August 2017 and a free webinar with Dr. Paul M Fricke, Ph.D. Professor of Dairy Science and Extension Specialist in Dairy Cattle Reproduction Department of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin, will take place on July 27 at 1pm covering the topics of resynchronisation strategies and synchronisation strategies in heifers.

The webinar ‘Reproductive Management Strategies for High-Producing Dairy Herds’ will be run on where interested delegates can register.