Latest versions of the JCB 407 and 409 compact loading shovels, and the JCB TM180 and TM220 telescopic wheeled loaders, are more fuel efficient as a result of powertrain upgrades that coincide with the introduction of revised engines to meet EU Stage V emissions standards.

A new engine shut-down feature guards against unnecessary fuel wastage if the machines stand idle during pauses in loading or materials handling operations, and electronic engine management reduces the speed of the engine during farm to field journeys.

All four are powered by the 2.5-litre JCB Diesel, by Kohler, engine as before but this time equipped with a DPF (diesel particulate filter) to remove a larger proportion of potentially harmful particulate matter in the exhaust gases.

This requires no outward changes to the machines, so excellent visibility to the rear over the compact engine cover is unaffected.

That’s essential because, together with the raised central driving position and large glazed area of the cab, operators can work with confidence in and around buildings on livestock farms and other rural enterprises. Performance is unaffected by the engine change as power and torque outputs remain the same.

The 1.8-tonne lift capacity TM180 and 0.8cu m 407 have a 64hp version of the engine, which drives through a single-speed 20kph hydrostatic transmission on the TM180 and a two-speed 35kph version on the 407, which also benefits from a new ‘whisper-quiet’ Rexroth hydraulic pump to reduce noise levels.

Engine output for the 2.2-tonne lift TM220 and 1.0cu m 409 loaders is 74hp but in this instance power and torque are delivered through the two-speed 35kph transmission or a three-speed version providing increased tractive effort and a 40kph top speed.

The TM220, 407 and 409 also have a new ‘Eco Drive Mode’ to electronically reduces engine revs once the machine’s top speed has been reached, resulting in a quieter journey and up to 16% lower fuel consumption during road travel.

JCB has also taken the opportunity of the engine changes to upgrade the cab interior, bringing them closer to the standard of the Command Plus cab fitted to larger JCB wheeled loaders.

That includes a clearer instrument display, with a DPF regeneration indicator, and a general improvement in the quality of plastics used.

Externally, styling enhancements are made to reflect the appearance of other models in JCB’s loading shovel range.