Unique block formula

WITH SHEEP across the UK struggling to cope with the recent spate of wintry conditions and many of them already heavily in lamb, the big worry is that they will also be short in both energy and protein.

Denis Brinicombe says its Stokblock Sheep Plus is a new feed and energy block that should help address these requirements. The molassed 18% protein block also contains a balanced range of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Within the formulation, the inclusion of zinc, which important for udder and hoof health, is available in protected form for maximum absorption, while high vitamin E levels, combined with selenium, will help at lambing for quality colostrum production.

Making it unique is the addition of yeast, which is claimed to improve rumen bacteria health, along with Megalac, an efficient source of energy proven in dairy cattle. The product is available in 25kg and 100kg plastic tubs.