THE POSITIVE impact on feed efficiency of Harbro's Rumitech in beef and dairy diets has led to its addition to Clover Lamb Feeder finishing pellets this season.

Rumitech was originally aimed at reducing methane but the main benefit that has been established is the massive difference the product is making to feed efficiency and improvement in killing-out percentage.

"Beef producers using Rumitech have experienced better feed efficiency, with animals consuming 10% less feed to get the same energy," says Willie Thomson, Harbro technical director.

Rumitech works in several ways to increase feed efficiency by increasing the number of bugs in the rumen, reducing the amount of energy lost as methane and reducing the breakdown of quality protein in the rumen.

This ultimately leads to better digestion and an increase in the retention of energy and protein.

"The addition of Rumitech to a finishing diet gives increased feed efficiency and utilisation, which in turn reduces the cost per kilo gain and the overall purchased feed requirement."

"From our work done with cattle, we know that Rumitech has improved the killing out percentage - Ellon producer, Alec Fraser, Artrochie recorded an increase in killing-out percentage, going from 55.8% up to 56.5% with the addition of Rumitech to his ration,"

"Lamb Feeder already has a great reputation for finishing and we are now looking to mirror the results from the cattle trial in lamb finishing systems. This should increase the bottom line and profitability for producers," says Mr Thomson.

Rumitech is available exclusively from Harbro for use in lamb finishing diets through inclusion in Clover Lamb Feeder pellets. It is also available through inclusion in Grampian Minerals, Champion concentrates, Mintlaw blends and finishing compounds, Beefstock and Elitestock.