A FEW tweaks have been made to Shelbourne Reynolds' Powerspread Pro tank spreaders, making them easier to load and work with.

The short-wheelbase Powerspread Pro side-discharge tank spreader range has improved ride and handling, easier loading, uprated moving parts and visibility to road traffic. The new 8200 litre and 10500 litre Pro 1800 and 2300 machines, which have respective capacities of approximately 11t and 15t of manure, are the mid-sized models in a Powerspread range that spans 7250-14,500 litre capacities.

When specified in single axle format, they are shod with 620/75 R26 radial tyres and feature a body that sits slightly lower in the chassis, with both upgrades designed to enhance ride and handling. Air braking can now be specified on both models when ordered as single axle machines.

Both now incorporate new extension top designs to make loading easier and reduce the chances of spillage between filling and spreading. The spreading elements now have beefed-up components, including a new heavy-duty impeller and stronger bearings, a larger door ram, stiffer door design and a new door seal.

They have also been given a new LED light package to enhance visibility to other road users.