TWO mobile sheep handling systems, designed to meet the needs of smaller flock owners and new entrants to sheep keeping, have been launched by Fearing.
The Smallholder range builds on the Alligator mobile sheep handling system, popular in larger commercial set ups for its modular design, engineered for strength and durability.
The Smallholder Mini handles up to 10 adult sheep at a time and is suitable for one-person operation, according to Fearing Lifestyle manager Claire Irving. 
“The lightweight aluminium modular design makes it robust and easy to assemble and transport,” she says. It includes sheeted and barred hurdles, head yoke and backing gate.
For flocks building up numbers or with groups in different locations, a larger trailer-mounted version includes a three way drafting gate and guillotine gates and uses the same light-weight and strong design. It can be towed behind a car or quad bike and is Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approved as road legal. 
Claire added “The need to handle sheep calmly for routine management tasks is important, whatever the flock size. These systems offer the benefits of a handling system, proven by commercial farmers, configured specifically for use on a smaller and more manageable scale.
“Modular design means it can be expanded as flock size grows over time, which could be a real advantage to someone establishing a flock.”