After huge demand from the Beef and Sheep Sectors looking for a high energy, quality feed, Davidsons nutritionists have formulated a new unique product.  This innovative product will push boundaries within the animal feed industry.

Designed to propel show and sale stock into prime condition, improving coat quality and shine along with superior muscle development and firmness using only the best raw materials giving you the edge in the ring.

With the top three ingredients of:

Maize producing a quality by-pass starch source, aids in producing maximum live weight gains.

Beet pulp providing the best of fibre and energy.

Hi-pro Soya a valuable protein source which drives intake and aids as an excellent source of rumen by-pass protein which provides building blocks to encourage daily live weight gains and ensure livestock are performing at their optimum level resulting in a top class product.

TNT contains the finest vitamins and minerals along with a high level of ammonia chloride at 5000 units aiding in the prevention of urinary calculi. To ensure good palatability an intake stimulant has also been added.

Our ethos at Davidsons is, to gain optimum results using only the highest quality feed, which in turn leads to feeding less, giving better returns.

With animal nutrition covered, you can focus on what it takes to be a winner!

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