Dairy farmers looking to maximise the value of beef cross calves now have an easy way to find bulls capable of doing just that, with the launch of the new Cogent Beef Impact index.
The new index, which has been launched to coincide with the release of the company’s latest Beef Impact catalogue, gives financial values to two key traits in beef cross calves – ease of management and market value. 
Combining both financial indices then gives an overall value indicating the benefit using that sire could add to each calf born, explains Cogent’s beef sire specialist Samantha Wilson.
“With an ever increasing proportion of UK beef supply coming from dairy herds, it is important dairy farmers are able to select bulls which benefit both them and the beef supply chain. This new tool enables our customers to make more informed breeding decisions and select the correct beef genetics that can add value in excess of 3ppl per lactation,” she said.
“Cogent continues to sell high volumes of beef semen for use in dairy herds and with data collected through the Beef Visions Programme, our customers have the confidence to select proven beef genetics to save money with reduced calving difficulties and by adding value to beef calves.”
She added that the new index has been designed purely with the dairy farmer in mind to highlight key strengths of the sires and provides a financial value each sire can deliver on average per calving categorised by breed type.
The Cogent Beef Impact (£CBI) index is split in to two sub indices to take out the guesswork and allows dairy farmers to pay closer attention to their key preferences for sire selection. Meanwhile, the Ease of Management Impact (£EMI) capitalises on live and vigorous calves born without assistance and the Market Value Impact (£MVI) looks at optimising the value achieved for beef calves whatever the selling strategy. 
“For example our top continental bull for £CBI, Springhill Improvement, will add on average £70.34 to each calf based on the traits shown with £48.22 attributed to £EMI and a value of £22.12 for £MVI, while the top native bull, Quaker Hill Dead Center, will add £77.99 overall with £60.97 credited from £EMI and £17.02 for £MVI,” adds Miss Wilson.