AN updated more intuitive cleaner looking and easier to navigate version of its iLivestock flock and herd management app, has been launched by Allflex in partnership with Duradiamond.

Designed to save time and improve the accuracy of farm record keeping, thereby enabling flock and herd managers to keep a full set of sheep and cattle records in their pocket, the new app enables users to perform a range of livestock management tasks via the convenience of their smartphone or tablet whilst on the go. Farmers can now order ear tags, record animal movements and capture and record weight data of individual animals, via the new app.

The upgraded version features a new design and easier to navigate menu which includes larger buttons for easy use in the field. The app’s tag ordering section has also been updated to make it easier for users to view and order a wider range of official, management and replacement ear tags from Allflex.

The new iLivestock app offers various levels of usage to include:

Tag ordering – the free version of iLivestock enables users to order a selection of Allflex ear tags from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

Farm compliance – the app helps producers to maintain fully compliant farm records, thereby avoiding the need to duplicate paper-based management records for aspects such as medications, births and deaths, movements on and off the holding and replacement tags, etc.

Flock and herd management tasks – by using the iLivestock app in conjunction with a compatible stick reader such as the Allflex RS420 and EiD (electronic identification) ear tags, users can automatically record and upload animal management tasks such as weights, breeding events and other group management events.

Stock management recording – the iLivestock app can be used in conjunction with compatible handling and weighing equipment to automatically draft animals and record weights. Breeding events, scan results and medicine records can also be recorded via the app, with users also able to create custom groups to report and action against multiple animals.

The app can also be used to import and export CSV files, thereby enabling users to upload existing data, or to download herd or flock books. All critical data logged via the iLivestock app is backed up via the iLivestock Hub service giving users complete peace of mind that their herd or flock records are safe and retrievable.

It is compatible with all iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone devices and is approved for use with BCMS (CTS). For more information go to or, to download the app for free, visit the Apple store and search for iLivestock.