A NEW satellite position system looks set to reduce the amount of costly arguments about land disputes which can range from a few centimetres to acres of ground, with each one throwing up a range of emotional and financial stresses.

According to the land agent, Bell Ingram's new Trimble catalyst global navigation satellite system is accurate to within 1-2cm which removes any arguments about potential surveying misinterpretations.

“Each boundary dispute offers different perspectives, challenges and emotions, " said Chris Duncan, head of mapping and GIS at Bell Ingram.

“Our new Trimble satellite positioning equipment is ultra-accurate and this technology, coupled with our team’s expert knowledge, allows us to identify correct boundary locations even when physical features don’t exist on the ground."

He added that it's crucial when people are locked in a boundary disagreement, that the individuals have a team of trusted experts on your side and this new technology allows the company to focus on the core issues behind the dispute, rather than just opinions about where one area of land ends and another begins.

“This means we can provide expert witness reports, with an increased degree of confidence, when working with legal professionals to ensure we get the very best results possible for our clients.”

Bell Ingram’s mapping professionals are able to interpret title plans and the underlying mapping data from which they are based and then using the new technology, identify these features on the ground. This enables the firm to make the best use of internet data as well as perform direct data exchanges with other organisations on behalf of clients.