In a step to address the changing requirements of livestock farmers, Crystalyx, one of the UK’s leading feed block suppliers, has developed two new products to specifically balance diets high in brassicas and fodder beet.

Crystalyx Sheep Beet Balancer is designed to complement a high brassica diet, and balances the key nutritional deficiencies typically seen on this ration. Iodine, in particular, is locked up from a brassica diet and this product supplies a recommended amount to support animal performance and lamb survival.

It also contains a high phosphorus level and a high DUP (Digestible Undegradable Protein) from high quality prairie meal to maintain good animal performance. The Sheep Beet Balancer is available in a 22.5kg minitub and intakes range from 20-60 g/head/day depending on age and size of animal.

The second product, Crystalyx Beet Balance has been designed for both dairy and beef cattle and offers good levels of calcium and phosphorus to balance the low levels found in fodder beet and other root and brassica crops. It boasts increased magnesium for pregnant cows as well as necessary supplementation of iodine. Available in 80kg tubs with intakes ranging from 150-200g/head/day, depending on age and size of animal, this product is highly palatable, even alongside fodder beet, so intakes are regular and steady.

The new Crystalyx feed block products should be fed alongside adequate forage as a source of fibre and are proven to increase forage digestion by as much as 10% – very much a focus this winter as forage stocks are challenged.

“Recent years have seen livestock farmers focus on alternative home-grown feeds to improve efficiencies. This has resulted in a change in the nutritional demands for livestock and these new products have been developed to address this," said Dr Cliff Lister, Crystalyx technical director.

“The new blocks are manufactured using our strongly established and unique manufacturing process and involves driving moisture out of the product over an extended period of time, meaning that a naturally formed, hard low moisture product remains. Crystalyx feed blocks are packed full of energy, protein, trace elements, minerals and vitamins, with the required intake often being less than half that of other feed blocks on the market.