A NEW terminal sire has been jointly developed by lamb processor, 2 Sisters Red Meat and Innovis in a bid to deliver a dedicated supply of quality lamb to meet specific market requirements and give enhanced on-farm performance off grass.

The new performance recorded composite terminal sire comes in the form of the Focus Prime, which has aims to produce lambs with enhanced high value carcase traits, strong live weight growth off grass and easy management.

Developed through modern breeding tools, to include DNA markers for eating quality and CT scanning, these rams will be offered on a lease agreement to 2 Sisters Red Meat’s regular lamb suppliers. All progeny from the rams will be processed initially at the company’s Merthyr Tydfil plant and the results carefully monitored.

“We believe that it is important that lamb coming into our plants has performed well on farm with animal health and welfare as well as efficiency being the priorities,” said 2 Sisters Red Meat’s Peter Morris.

“The lambs must also give us as processors the quality traits and high value yields we desire. Our policy is to build relationships for mutual benefit with our regular suppliers. By leasing high performance rams, the producer does not make the initial capital outlay, so we help their business and our own in our joint mission of delivering great quality lamb for consumers."

According to Innovis’ chief executive, Dewi Jones Focus Prime sheep are a combination of the best meat lines their New Zealand breeding partners, Focus Genetics have created following years of industry led research and development.

The progeny test features 1800 lambs from 35 sires. The ewes were individually mated whilst all lambs going through the abattoir at Merthyr Tydfil are being assessed for full retail yield and value. Candidate rams were initially screened through CT scanning and a lamb meat eating quality test in New Zealand.