A new animation to assist farmers get the most out of Ectofly 12.5mg/ml pour on solution for sheep has been launched by Bimeda UK.

The product contains 12.5mg/ml cypermethrin and is licensed for the treatment and control of head flies, the treatment and prevention of blowfly strike and the treatment of ticks and biting lice.

It focuses on best practice, such as the correct nozzle to use, which varies based upon the parasite to be targeted. Key information such as the ideal distance of the applicator from the fleece, the direction in which to apply the product, and how to avoid under-dosing are all covered in the short movie. To get the best performance it is essential the product is used correctly.

Ectofly 12.5mg/ml Pour On Solution for Sheep is a POM-VPS medicine and has an eight-day meat withdrawal period and a five-day milk withdrawal.

UK general manager, Mark Cokayne, said: “As with all veterinary medicines, for the product to be effective it must be used properly. Whilst all relevant usage information is included on product and applicator packaging, as well as the SPC, at Bimeda we are committed to developing useful tools which make farmers’ lives easier.

“This new animation contains information on important areas such as PPE, dosing applicator calibration, which nozzle to use depending on the parasite to be targeted, dosage rates, applicator maintenance and more. It is easy-to-follow, engaging to watch, and we are sure that it will prove to be a very useful tool for UK sheep farmers.”

The animation can be viewed on the Bimeda Youtube channel at,