THE HEAVY duty capacity of Schäffer loaders' flagship 9510T and 9530T telescopic wheel loaders, is being more than retained in their replacement eight-tonne, 9600 series, which was seen at the Highland for the first time.

Approximately one tonne heavier than the recently launched, but smaller, Schäffer 8610T model they are more powerful, with larger lift capacities and greater reach.

Power comes from the latest common rail Deutz turbo diesel engines, developing 100hp and 123hp, respectively, using an oxidation catalyst scrubbing the exhaust fumes and eliminating the need for an additional expensive particle filter used by some manufacturers.

The maximum lift height of the machines is 5.10m for the 9610T and 5.30m for the 9630T - amongst the highest of all pivot steer telescopic wheel loaders in the eight-tonne category.

Its HTF - High Traction Force - transmission system has a thrust that is unique in this class and matched up to the operating weight of the machine, for better traction and pushing effort for farmers who make silage in clamps. It also allows transport speeds of 35 kmh.

The hydraulic system has a max flow of 120 l/min with quick response rates even at low engine speeds for improved productivity. Standard fitment is 405/70-R20 tyres, though a taller 18-22.5 tyre is available as an option.

Drivers of the previous models will be familiar with the SCV-cabin, except for some upgrades, including a higher driver's seat.

All control functions are housed in the a joystick, which allows the driver's left hand to remain safely on the steering wheel for complete control of the machine. This features a roller switch for boom extension rather than the previous twist control

The pivot steer control which makes this machine extremely manoeuvrable is said to be maintenance-free and comes with a three-years, or 3000-hour warranty.

Stability is also helped by the rear axle being freely suspended, adds to comfort levels and makes it more suited to rough terrain work. An optional rear axle suspension system further increases that.