EXISTING SCR-only emissions control has been maintained for latest versions of the New Holland T8 and T7 tractors to comply with the final step in the current anti-pollution regulations.

The six-cylinder 8.7-litre FPT Cursor 9 engine in the big T8 tractors and the 6.7-litre NEF in the T7 models has a more advanced version of the Hi-eSCR exhaust after-treatment system to clean up emissions but needs no exhaust gas recirculation or particulates filter.

Electronic control of the AdBlue supply and dosing modules uses a dedicated closed-loop system to continuously monitor nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels in the exhaust gases to ensure that during every cycle the precise amount of neutralising fluid is injected.

Engine maker FPT Industrial claims industry-leading NOx conversion of more than 95%, which together with constant monitoring and precise dosing results in low fluid consumption. In fact, New Holland maintains operating costs are unchanged over Tier 4A-spec tractors and reckons fuel use is up to 10% lower than Tier 3-spec' T8000s.

Power outputs for the five-machine T8 line-up are stepped up a notch, with the 258hp T8.275 being dropped from a range that now starts with the T8.320 at 284hp for draft work and 320hp for pto and transport applications. The T8.435 is the top of the line with 417hp for draft work and 435hp with Engine Power Management (EPM) activated and is available only with Auto Command.

This stepless transmission is also available on all other models in the range as an alternative to the long-established Ultra Command full powershift transmission, which has 19 forward and four reverse speeds; or 23 forward, six reverse when the optional creep gearbox is installed, with auto shifting and auto ground speed control among its features.

Among a package of upgrades for the T7 Series is a more capable ISOBUS terminal that, among other things, allows the use of new speed control technology. IntelliFeed is the first such application - it features on New Holland big square balers to monitor the amount of material heading into the chamber and automatically regulates the working speed of a T7 with Auto Command CVT transmission.

Other improvements include different illumination options with up to 16 LED work lights providing five-times the 'daylight' and greater flexibility over where the light is cast; and a revamped headland management system with extra functions now operated through the IntelliView IV touch screen, which has become a standard fitment.

Adjustments to the range line-up reflect some changes to power outputs, though they still peak with the pto/transport output of 270hp from the most powerful Auto Command model and the equivalent 260hp performance of the top T7 with Power Command full powershift.