THIS year's Royal Highland Show will be the first UK outing for its MF 5700 SL series tractors

THIS year's Royal Highland Show will be the first UK outing for its MF 5700 SL series tractors

This is claimed to be a new genre of tractor in the 100hp-130hp sector which combines the compact dimensions required by livestock and mixed farmers, with the performance and power needed for light arable work.

It has been entered for the Royal Highland Show's 'Technical Innovation Award' for the state of the art AGCO Power 4.4-litre, four-cylinder engine with 'all in one' selective catalytic reduction technology to help it meet the latest Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission regulations.

The MF 5700 SL has a 2.55m wheelbase and weighing just 4.8-tonnes, the versatile tractors are building on the success of the MF 5600 series and are already prizewinners, having been awarded Tractor of the Year 2016 in the utility sector at Germany's Agritechnica Show.

The series is available in three specifications - Essential, Efficient and Panoramic - and has four models ranging in max horsepower from 100hp-130hp.

Its 4.4-litre engine has selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidisation catalyser (DOC) to meet the strict emission regulations. This compact system fits neatly under the right-hand side of the cab, reducing any visibility issues.

There's a choice of Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmissions, with brake to neutral function to help make loader work easier. A Massey Ferguson designed and built front axle suspension option is also available.

The series comes with a unique choice of three hydraulic systems to suit lots of applications. All are equipped with a two pump system of 58-litre/min for the spool valves and linkage, with a separate pump for all internal services.

For those requiring extra flow to boost loader performance there is also a 100-litre/min combined flow option and a 110-litre/min closed centre load sensing (CCLS) system is another option.

A new Speedsteer option makes it possible to vary the number of steering wheel revolutions needed to turn the wheels from lock-to-lock and an Auto-Guide 3000 automatic steering option is available, as well as the AgCommand telemetry system.

All MF 5700 SL Series tractors are 'loader ready' straight from the factory.

Also on show at the Highland for the first time in the UK will be new 'no-fuss' MF 5700 Global Series tractors - a range that adds to MF's strength in tractors under 130hp.

The 100hp MF 5710 and 110hp MF 5711 are the latest models to join the series. With a 2.43m wheelbase they also have the AGCO Power 4.4 litre, four cylinder engine, with 'All in One' technology. The compact system also tucks neatly away under the right-hand side of the cab, improving visibility.

Specialist engineers have designed a simple, smooth shifting gearbox purpose-built for the Global range. This has six synchromesh gears in two ranges, with 12 forward and reverse speeds. It provides seven gears in the main 4-12km/hr field working range and has a top speed of 40km/hr.

An air conditioned cab - designed and built in Massey Ferguson's Beauvais facility specifically for the new MF 5700 range - is standard and fitments inside can also include AgCommand, MF's advanced monitoring system - it can also be retro-fitted.

An open-centre hydraulic system with tandem pump and combined option flow can supply 58 litres/min for the rear linkage and auxiliary spool valves and 27 litres/min for auxiliary systems like steering, four-wheel-drive and diff-lock engagement, as well as pto control.

Customers can specify a 100 litre/min combined flow system, for faster response and loader work. The three-point linkage's maximum lift capacity of 4.3 tonnes and is operated via MF's tried and tested electronic linkage control (ELC).

Standard is a two-speed 540/540E rpm, with a 540/1000 rpm speed pto, or 540/540Eco/1000 rpm set-up as options.