A NUMBER of specification and technical enhancements for the most powerful models in the Challenger tracked tractor line-up are designed to improve machine performance and operator comfort and convenience.

Latest versions of the 492-646hp Challenger MT800E Series tractors are distinguished by a black and yellow colour scheme and new styling for the engine hood. The latter also improves airflow around the engine compartment, allowing it to run cooler with improved efficiency, pointed out AGCO's Challenger engineers.

Although the main grille is unchanged, the perforated area of the upper surface of the hood is larger than before and there is now a louvre section directly above the engine, as well as large 'gill' openings on both sides of the hood.

The large one-piece hood lifts upwards, hinging near the windshield, to expose the engine and many service points. With the hood raised, there is full access to the radiators, batteries, engine sides and air filter.

Other distinguishing changes include the addition of two lamps set into the panel between the work light chrome surrounds, which are larger and more distinctive.

Among the teccie upgrades are hydraulic valve lifters for the MT800E's 16.8-litre AGCO Power V12 diesel engine, which eliminates the need for scheduled adjustments. Instead, zero valve clearance with automatic temperature compensation is said to ensure optimum engine thermal and mechanical efficiency, extend valve train life with less noise and clatter, reduce wear on the camshaft and cam follower, and make setting and adjustment easier when necessary.

A new LED light option for the tractors provides six rear-facing cab lights and two side facing track lights, providing 60% more lumens than halogen and 8% more lumens than HID. These are strategically located to provide superior illumination and produce a brighter, whiter light at greater distances. They use little power and do not disperse heat like halogen lights, and are more durable.

Operators needing to use an implement control display in addition to the ISOBUS-compliant terminal installed as standard, will find a new monitor mounting bar with rigid RAM mount, along with a 'powerstrip' providing ready access to half a dozen three-pin outlets providing 12 volt (30 amp) electrical power.

A new Delphi stereo system, with Bluetooth connectivity, gives access to mobile devices for music and mobile phone calls, with remote controls on the steering wheel and a microphone in the cab roof providing safer hands-free phone conversations.