Irish-based manufacturer, ProDig Attachments, has launched a range of push off forks ahead of the main silage season.

Its said that due to customer demand, it was now making the buck-rakes as part of its current range of attachments, which includes high tip buckets, shear grabs and forks.

The push off fork was successfully tested in 2016 before releasing it to market.

ProDig's Donny Nolan said the fork would be available in five sizes, from 2.5m up to 3.6m and is designed to suit a variety of machines, from large industrial loaders/teleporters, to tractor's front and rear three-point linkages, plus loaders.

They can be specified with different reinforced brackets to suit customers’ machines, while there's also a combi attachment which will fit both a loader/teleporter and tractor front or rear 3 point linkage in one unit.

The frame is constructed from fine grain, high yield steel, with the bottom tines (40mm x 65mm) being made from Hardox for better wear resistance.

The tines are 1.4m long and have replaceable wear tips, with two heavy duty side tines fitted as standard (with the option of an extra side tine if required).

Different tine spacing and lengths are available as is a round tine option.

Underneath the fork, it has replaceable hardened cutting-edge wear plates to help protect it during operation and adding strength.

A high strength steel gate is fitted to, 'push' the grass off the fork. This has laser cut holes incorporated into its design to reduce weight and increase visibility.

Push-off power is supplied by a pair of 70mm bore rams, which have an oil requirement of 80 l/min. It requires one double acting service.

During operation the gate slides out along the tines and is safely held in place by hardened steel locking pins which stop it moving backwards under force.

To reduce the impact and strain on the components during operation a pair of soft close rubber buffers are also fitted to the rear frame.

Options includes safety strobes and work lights.

Prices start at €5000 plus VAT.