WITH diesel powered vehicles under scrutiny from environmental campaigners, Euromec’s launch of a LPG fuel option for the Kubota RTV500 utility vehicle will be welcomed by those who want to go ‘green’.

For vehicles used in specialist near-market farming, schools, factories and universities, LPG offers clean power without the downtime and cost associated with electric power and batteries, argued Euromec.

Its LPG powered RTV has under the front bonnet a refillable LPG tank, plumbed and wired into the vehicle’s main systems. On the dash, controls tell the operator how much fuel is available and the RTV can be switched to petrol if LPG is not available.

Refilling is made using a nozzle mounted just under the front bumper.

Apart from using the refillable LPG tank, it can also use LPG from a bottle. In the front right-hand corner of the load area a simple bottle mount and fuel line make fitting and changing a gas bottle simple.

The LPG option offers much better running costs, whole life costs and cold weather performance, said Euromec, whose LPG kit fitted costs £995 plus VAT, including the refillable tank.

Operator comfort is also a winner, as cab heaters are available and the extra power from the conversion means attachments can be worked harder for longer.

While the LPG fuel option for the Kubota RTV500 is only available from Euromec, it does not infringe on Kubota’s product warranty.