LOOKING AFTER your grass sward in these days of high compaction has never been more important and now there’s a new hydraulic folding 6.3m grassland ‘rejuvenator’ from Opico.

Being launched at Grassland and Muck, this 6.3m machine is a hydraulic folding version of smaller HE-VA Sward Rejuvenators. It is more than double the size of the original 3m model.

Designed for overseeding, but also suitable for reseeding cultivated ground, it also has an Air 16 seeder on board.

As with the 3m model, this features an aggressive Shattaboard with slicing plates, followed by two rows of heavy duty harrow tines and a heavy 600mm diameter Prisma roller.

The slicers and harrow tines break up and level the soil surface in front of the seed outlets, with the soil then pressed by the roller.

The 6.3m model also has a weight transfer system to ensure even weight distribution across its three frames. In addition, there are five pivot points across the sections to allow them to follow the contours of the field. The machine folds hydraulically to a 2.5m width for transport.

Seeding rates of up to 80kg/ha are possible at normal working speeds (5-8km/ha). The seeder’s hydraulic fan handles all types of seed and sowing rates – from 1-2kg/ha for clover, up to 80kg/ha for grass seed.

It uses radar groundspeed and electronic variable rate control to give accuracy and flexibility from its 16 seed outlets, which overlap seed between each for a reliable spread pattern.

It can also be used for harrowing grass to remove trash to encourage grass growth, and for molehill levelling.

OPICO’s James Woolway commented: “The new 6.3m rejuvenator enables farmers and contractors to maximise the work done in the short windows when seeding conditions are optimum.

“The machine is ideal for overseeding and the Air 16 seeder enables high capacity seeding on cultivated ground. It folds down easily for transport, speeding transfer times between fields and farms.”

Together with the Air 16 seeder, it retails at £38,824 plus VAT.