A HYDROSTATIC drive version of JCB’s six-tonne capacity Loadall 560-80 telescopic handler has been launched.

The Agri Pro version will make its UK debut at the LAMMA show, Peterborough, in January and features JCB’s unique and award-winning DualTech variable transmission, which has been proven in other high performance JCB telescopic handlers.

This all-new JCB transmission provides ‘best of both worlds’, said JCB – the driving and control characteristics using hydrostatic and powershift elements that work automatically, giving fast and precise response at slow speeds combined with power-efficient direct drive at higher speeds.

The engineers reckon that the characteristics are well suited a role on large farms and commercial bulk stores for stockpiling, re-handling and out-loading. This flagship of the Loadall range lifts 6000kg and can handle a 5cu m grain bucket.

Its Z-bar linkage helps convert hydraulic power into high break-out force, with an excellent dump angle for rapid load discharge and 8m of lift height for filling high-sided bins or bulk transport vehicles.

Its 'Smart Hydraulics' regeneration technology is capable of the fastest possible repeat loading cycles.

Power is supplied by a 145hp JCB EcoMAX engine – with no DPF – and a 140-litre/min hydraulics package. The hydrostatic element operates up to 19kph before switching to powershift with auto shifting direct drive – there is no torque converter – for efficient roading and towing up to 40kph.

Flexi mode allows engine and ground speed to be set individually – so for loading and re-handling the operator can concentrate on steering and boom manipulation.

JCB said that under comparative testing, Agri Pro handlers can deliver up to 25% higher repeat-cycle productivity and a 16% advantage when towing because of the transmission and hydraulic features. This also translates into the handler using just 7.13-litres per hour average diesel consumption, based on 50,000 machine hours.