HEDGE cutting can be made easier thanks to Bomford's new Tuner Buzzard Telescopic which comes with a variable forward arm and can reach from 7.25m and 8m.

With a powerful 125 litre per minute cutting system producing 74hp at the cutting head, the Buzzard Telescopic VFA gives the ability to cut alongside the tractor cab, and give a better view for drivers through the side window.

The arm can travel up to 2.1m forward, and rearwards of 1.1.m, while the arm travel allows the cutting head to be place in behind the rear tractor wheel for use in confined areas.

There are choices of drive system system used throughout the current Buzzard range, and can run a variety of cutting attachments, in addition to the standard 1200 Pro Cut cutting head, such as 1500 – 2000 head, rotary heads, and saws.

Standard features include parallel linkage, oil cooler, arm float and head float, cutting head transport bracket, hydraulic breakout and LED road lightning.