CLAAS have launched the new Torion range of wheeled tractors to the UK, offering seven models which cover an operating weight of 5 tonne to almost 20 tonne, and practical load capacities of 3.5 tonne to 12 tonne.

The smallest Torion, the 639 and 535 models are powered by 68hp Yanmar engines, while the three mid-range machines are equipped with fuel-efficient DPS engines that give up to 167hp and are fitted with dynamic cooling. They also drive through a hydrostatic varipower transmission with three drive modes.

Top performers, the 228hp 1914 and the 195hp 1812, are powered by Liebherr engines, with loadings at 12.4t and 11.1t. They are also equipped with the dynamic cooling system and are powered by the CMatic transmission that works with a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drive, to achieve optimal efficiency in all loading and unloading operations.

All Torion loaders, including the mid-range series, benefit from optimal weight distribution. The unique mounting position of the engine which is very low and well towards the rear, creates a counterweight to the lifting zone. This means that less additional ballast is needed, which has a positive impact on tyre wear and fuel consumption, and that high tipping loads of 7.75 to 9.75 tonne are possible at a low working weight.

The boom on the mid-range Torion is available with P- or Z-kinematics. With the load spread across the entire lift zone and higher holding forces in the upper working area, P-kinematics is the best option for most agricultural work as Z-kinematics has a very high breakaway torque, and the bucket can be tipped quickly.

To help with driver assistance, the Smart Loading advanced system brings together all the systems to optimise the machine operation. Features include a programmable bucket return function and defined lifting and lowering limits, which make it possible for the operator to automatically guide the boom to certain pre-set positions using the joystick.