IT WON'T all be about looking back on 100 years of the blue tractor for New Holland at LAMMA, it will also be showcasing its vision of the future of farming.

This will be UK farmers first chance to see New Holland's innovative methane powered concept tractor will be an obvious crowd draw, but so will its first showing of own brand machinery, including a mower and a tiller.

And, on its stand, it will also mark the end of its 100 years of blue tractor production celebration at the event with a display of the top 100 images submitted as a part of its recent social media photography competition.

But the latest methane-powered tractor, the NHDrive autonomous tractor technology pack, and the up to date conventional engine technology, alongside updates to its flagship tractor ranges, rotary combine and forager models will also feature.

NH said that the methane-powered tractor had proven to have the same operational capacities of any conventional tractor, whilst demonstrating the performance and durability of a diesel equivalent. Operating costs are reduced by 30% and it produces only 20% of emissions, compared a conventional diesel-powered tractor.

Another view of the future will be its 'robot' tractor and at LAMMA there will be a T8 tractor fitted with this technology pack. The NHDrive shows what is possible with supervised automation, including New Holland’s advanced PLM (Precision Land Management) technology for precision farming.

A trio of T7 tractor models will be on stand demonstrating New Holland’s latest updates to the upper end of the mid-range offering, including a T7.260, the T7.315 Heavy Duty (tried and tested by Grassmen) and a standard wheelbase T7.210. There will also be the first opportunity to see the new suspended front axle on the T7 LWBs, which enables better steering control and precision when operating at higher speeds whilst ensuring even greater operator comfort.

In the line up will be the multi-purpose T6 Dynamic CommandTM tractor for its UK preview. This range has the only tractors in this segment to feature an eight-step semi-powershift dual clutch transmission. The 24x24 Dynamic Command transmission allows seamless gear shifting to use less power during operation.

Further down the food chain will be the mid-range T5.105 and T5.120 tractors; the specialist, T4N; the compact Boomer 40 and the new T4S.

Arable farmers will also get a look at recent upgrades to NH’s most powerful combine range, the popular CR 9.80. These have a number of productivity-enhancing improvements, including 10% increase in capacity on its predecessor, improved controls for crop flow and a whole new look.

Tecchies will like a look at the latest FPT industrial V20 engine which is used in the latest high-capacity forage harvester, the FR 920 Forage Cruiser. This has been developed specifically for forage harvesting applications delivering a massive 911hp maximum power at 1600 to 1800 rpm and a 550 Forage Cruiser will also be on display.

The flagship BigBaler 1290 Plus, with a bigger bale chamber and double knot system which can deliver up to 10% higher bale density and lower knotting strain, will also debut.