Amazone is to make its QuickLink drill combo attachment system available on its latest 3m AD-P 01 Special pneumatic seed drills

Designed for use with the KE 01 rotary harrow or the new KG/KX 01 rotary cultivators, the interface systems can quickly attach or detach from the tools.

These new drills either come with an 850-litre or a 1250-litre seed hopper – both of which can have a 250-litre hopper extension. Coulters choice is either WS Suffolk coulters or RoTeC Control coulters in row spacings of 12.5, or 15 cm.

A blower fan and electric metering feeds the coulters, which can have their pressure adjusted both mechanically with the aid of an universal operating tool, or hydraulically from the tractor cab. Further control comes from either the in-house Amadrill+ in-cab terminal, or an ISOBUS terminal.

Tramlining is controlled directly by the new segmented distributor head, which offers the possibility to switch 2 x 5 or 2 x 6 tramline segments. When switching tramlines, the seed rate is reduced via the metering set-up, in relation to the number of rows closed.

A special headland option can allow the operator to start at the field’s edge using just half the machine's width. Half-side switching, using GPS-Switch and AutoPoint software in diagonal headlands and wedge shaped fields is also possible.

For reconsolidation of the soil, the AD-P 01 Special can be equipped, from choice, with the PW 600 tooth packer roller, the KW 580 wedge ring roller, the KWM 600 Matrix tyre profile wedge ring roller or the TRW 500/600 trapezium rings.