AUSTRIAN company, Pöttinger, has launched two new larger Torro Combiline forage wagons to its inventory. The 7010 model has a load volume of 40 m³, while the daddy of the range, the 8010 has a capacity of 43 m³.

New features include an updated beater drive line, with an output power of 215hp which leads to a faster unload. An optional four-tonne drawbar is aimed at heavy duty work cycles – for the likes of contractors – and these new wagons have a control panel which uses a CAN-BUS system to provide an overview of all additional functions such as the knife bank, autocut, the scraper floor plus easy hitching and unhitching.

Another option is a driver assist system, which uses integrated sensors for driving speed and driving direction, with a steering angle sensor. It is only available together with Pöttinger's power control terminal and load sensing.

That latter weighing system allows dynamic weight display (approximate value, nett weight of load) while driving, with the maximum load being able to be preset and displayed. The display turns red and a warning signal sounds if this weight is exceeded.

These loaders have Pöttinger's latest Durastar crop cutting knives fitted. These have a special hard steel which is said to have the wear-resistance properties of spring steel, but the toughness of boron steels. These also create a self-sharpening effect.