By Katrina Macarthur

SUZUKI has launched three new ATV models this summer – the all-new KingQuad 750XP, 500XP and 500X – which are all easier to ride, have increased towing capacity, improved engine performance and enhanced usability and practicality.

The front suspension, steering system, power steering system, rear stabiliser, and the chassis frame are all new, which will enable drivers to enjoy straight-line stability, especially when cornering, as well as improve overall manoeuvrability. Less rider effort is also required when travelling over diverse terrain.

Improvements to the chassis also result in superior towing capacity to the outgoing models – an increase of 33% to 600kg which is a great advantage to farmers and land workers who regularly move heavier loads.

Performance and power is to the fore of all three of us these models as Suzuki has redeveloped the engine to continue the brand’s reputation for high levels of performance and reliability during all types of riding. It’s a case of more power and low-down torque which in turn will help improve automatic transmissions. The engine’s performance characteristics have been updated to deliver a smooth and strong acceleration from standstill to help achieve the increased towing capacity.

Additional updates to the CVT and clutch system have been implemented to alter the acceleration and deceleration behaviour so that it is a smoother and stronger ATV as well improving engine braking. Oil pump output has been increased by 25% and a piston oil jet has been added to increase durability by cooling the piston and increasing lubrication.

New additional storage compartments and a handlebar-mounted headlight, which directly contribute to enhanced visibility and practicality, are just some of the many improvements to the ATV itself. In addition, the new multi-function instrument panel is easier to view and includes a service reminder icon. Once the ATV is with an Authorised Suzuki Dealer for its service, the work itself has been made easier through the re-design of some body parts that make some components such as the fuel filter, easier to access.

A new LED tail light has also been introduced to improve visibility and to free up charging capacity for other electrical devices.

Suzuki’s national sales manager, Harvey Dey said, “The aim is that these products will not only continue to meet the needs of the agricultural market, but to branch out into the big leisure market. We want to give dealers more opportunities to a wide range of buyers.”

Mr Hey also pointed out that security in all have Suzuki ATVs have been improved thanks to Data Tag. “All our Suzuki ATVs are fitted with Data Tag which has actually decreased the theft of Suzuki ATVs against other brands.”

All Suzuki ATVs come with free EASI rider training and a free Suzuki workwear kit consisting of overalls and a bodywarmer. They also come with a free CESAR Security System powered by Datatag, giving each ATV a unique ‘fingerpoint’ with an identity that cannot be erased. This acts a powerful theft deterrent and a tool for recovery should the worst happen.

Prices include the 500XP at £7400, the 500X at £8049 and the 750 models £8849.

The new KindQuad ATVs will be ready to order from Autumn 2018, with hope of stock available from September onwards.