MOST landowners in Scotland are benefiting from the recent spell of good weather, but with grass growth comes weeds and farmers are urged to act now to keep weeds under control before they take over.

The likes of rushes and heather that have been causing problems for generations also have to be monitored as many of these areas have been left to their own devices and just up until recently there has been little machinery to tackle such terrain.

They’re a widespread problem in the Scotland but the Qaud-X could be solution to controlling these weeds. Quad-X offers a range of specifically designed ATV scrub/rush control machinery, including mowers to bring this ineligible land into order.

The Quad-X ATV Power Shredder has been designed to shred heavy rushes and other dense vegetation. Considerable investment has been made in the rotor design which rotates at a high RPM than a tractor flail, ensuring momentum and faster travel speed. The Power Shredder chops the scrub/rushes and material very finely into a mulch-like material and spreads them more evenly. Surprisingly, cut rushes contain 70% NPK value of farmyard manure and put humus back into the land so by using the Power Shredder to cut rushes, you’re fertilising the ground at the same time, boosting grass growth and profitability.

Following feedback from demos and rush control workshops, and regular contact with contractors using ATV machinery, the Quad-X product development team were asked for wider Power Shredders, with the ability to cut on rough and extremely wet ground.

The company now offer a wider 5ft ATV Power Shredder, equipped with even more powerful v-twin commercial engines up to 23hp. An innovative four-wheel pivot bogie axle has been added as an option for extra stability on wet conditions and to take the bounce out of mowing on rough ground. Quad-X engineers are currently developing even wider ATV Power Shredders equipped with three-cylinder diesel engines, designed with contractors in mind.

Quad-X also manufacture a range of Wildcut topper mowers which can tackle anything from light pasture topping to cutting heavy rushes and when equipped with an innovative momentum dynamo the RPM is maintained in heavy rush conditions to achieve impressive results. Also on offer are a range of finishing mowers – the compact rotary mower, which is ideal if you have a large lawn or paddocks to maintain.

Using these ATV machines to manage your land brings serious tangible benefits. Why lose valuable grazing ground when rush/scrub control is so simple and easy.

Quad-X also offer a range of finishing mowers - the compact rotary mower, which is ideal if you have a large lawn or paddocks to maintain.

For more information, call 02825872800. Visit to watch video footage of the machines in action.