Unit gives sprayer control

Knight Farm Machinery’s new Fluid Control Pro gives sprayer operators total authority over all functions related to filling, spraying and washing out – either at the machine’s filling station or from the cab.

It assists filling of the machine simply and accurately, while ensuring there is adequate time to load the chemical and to clean out all spray containers efficiently with fresh water.

A new ISOBUS integrated display located at the filling station displays all the relevant information including application rate, field size and % overlap.

It then calculates the amount of product required and automatically manages the filling operation, allowing the operator to concentrate on loading the chemical.

“This system aims to simplify the process of filling and rinsing the sprayer. It will also reduce the potential for the sort of mistakes that can occur when operators are under pressure to get work completed,” said David Main, Knight’s sales manager.

“Operators can select the application rate from the filling station. The system cross-references with the details of the field logged into the main computer to determine the volume of spray solution required in that fill.

“The system also controls tank filling and can automatically pause filling at pre-set points, allowing the operator to load the chemical at the right time.

“It then resumes filling, ensuring the operator has clean water available to rinse out chemical containers. There is also a feature to prevent the operator from over-filling the tank.”

New generation Evolution separators

Lincolnshire vegetable handling equipment manufacturer, Scotts Precision Manufacturing, has launched the next generation of its Evolution separator stone and clod remover from tatties coming in to store.

It has added programmable memory roller settings, self-cleaning and gentle salad rollers to the latest version of its market-leading vegetable cleaner.

By having the ability to store and then remotely adjust the spacing of the spiral and clod rollers to saved positions enables users to quickly and easily set up the machine to suit either the conditions, or the crop being handled.

Previously changes required manual adjustments, but now modifications can be made via push buttons or an optional HMI system, which is simpler and quicker than before.

A second improvement is its ability to self-clean, which, when activated, the spiral rollers spin at high speed to throw off any attached dirt. And, new salad rollers feature softer and wider spaced ribs for gentle handling.

At the heart of the Evolution is its patented roller design. The two contra-rotating rollers work together to gently move the produce across the table, which loosens the dirt to be ejected down below the separator.

* Scotts said its latest version of the Trinity 22B single bed haulm topper can handle more power, in response to the increasing power output of harvesting tractors

The Trinity’s capacity is up by 50% thanks to an improved gearbox. It also features quick-change flails, a broad range of cutting heights, a replaceable steel inner liner hood protector and the largest variation of flail lengths of any topper currently available, said Scotts.

Updates for Cataya range

AMAZONE’S latest Cataya 4000 Super harrow-mounted seed drill is a second newcomer to its series this year pictured, left).

The 4m working width beats the 3m basic model, with a larger seed hopper capacity of 1180 litres, which can have a 550-litre hopper extension, and the combo can be operated at speeds of up to 12 km/h.

It features Amazone’s Precis metering system, with electric metering drive which has a choice of either one side, or both sides – giving the possibility of remote controlled half-side shut off.

The SmartCenter calibration unit controls this, as well as the sowing depth of the TwinTeC double disc coulters – which can have row spacings of 12.5 cm or 15.4 cm.

There’s hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment and the option of either the proven Exact following harrow with hydraulic lift, or the harrow set on the coulters.

Kuhn ups the ante on min-till

A 4m combination machine has been added to Kuhn’s range of trailed Espro min-till drills

This joins an existing line-up of trailed min-till drills which includes the 3m rigid, plus 4m and 6m foldable models.

In common with other machines in the range, it uses two rows of cultivating discs followed by a single row of large diameter (900mm) press wheels which are offset and fitted with deep tread tyres.

The addition of more single disc coulters behind the working discs delivers fertiliser, or a second seed variety directly in front of the press wheels and equidistant from each of the two main rows of seed. This places fertiliser at precision levels, without scorching risks.

Its twin-compartment hopper is divided on a 2400:1600 litre (fertiliser:seed) basis, with two separate metering and distribution systems providing several potential modes of operation – including the ability to sow one seed variety from both compartments; seed and fertiliser from the separate compartments; two main crop varieties; or a mixture of two seed varieties with each sown to a different depth.

Retail prices start at £97,124.