With the Cataya 4000 Super harrow-mounted conventional gravity seed drill, Amazone now has a second model in this range.

Designed for farms which require maximum work rates with its 4m working width – 1m more than the sister drill that it joins – and a larger seed hopper capacity of 1180 litres to cope with the extra working width (a 550 litre hopper extension is available as an option).

Capable of being operated at speeds of up to 12 km/h, the harrow-mounted seed drill is equipped with the Precis metering system which gives a quick conversion between fine and normal seeds, and has an electric metering drive which is available, from choice, to either one side, or to both sides giving the possibility of remote controlled half-side shut off. Setting up the drill is done using a SmartCenter screen.

Available with a choice of row spacing of 12.5 cm or 15.4 cm, the Cataya 4000 Super has hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment and, for optimum seed coverage, there is the option of either the proven Exact following harrow with hydraulic lift or the harrow set on the coulters.

For seedbed preparation before the drill, the Cataya 4000 drill sits on top of one of the new generation 01 rotary harrows or rotary cultivators. Here, a choice between the KE Super rotary harrows or the KG Special or KG Super rotary cultivators is possible. The new Cataya 4000 Super is available from July 2018.

When it comes to cultivation, flexibility is key and while working stubbles shallow to promote an early chit is still a strong method of combatting grass weed issues, there are times when a deeper working tine is also necessary. Amazone said its new Ceus disc and tine combination cultivators, which are available in 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m working widths can offer the best of both worlds.