THE LATEST Lemken kit being displayed at Tillage will include ploughs, cultivators and drills.

For primary cultivation, the new Diamant 16 semi-mounted plough has been tweaked for working with larger tracked tractors, with the Opti-track settings coming from the Diamant 12 series. This provides flexibility, particularly with units such as Fendt 1159MT with its 900mm wide tracks.

The Opti-line feature is a result of Lemken’s research into understanding of draught lines when pulling ploughs and this, combined with Opti-track, has resulted in 10% fuel savings in field trials, it said.

A new rear depth wheel, with stronger bearings and with hydraulic ram adjustment replaces the previous quadrant and pin arrangement. The distance between the depth wheel and the main frame has also been increased to prevent trash build-up. Also, the front furrow wheel has been repositioned nearer the outer frame for greater stability.

Also on parade will be the Karat 12 6m four-row cultivator, with levelling discs and rear roller of choice. For primary use from shallow to 30cm deep, its has quick change feet enabling a change from wide winged feet to narrow feet depending on the work being carried out. It in 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m versions.

The drill offering on show will most likely be the Solitair 25, a 6m unit working in combination with the Zirkon 12 power harrow.