ASIDE from the new flagship Big X 1180 forage harvester, Krone also introduced the XCollect maize header range to its line-up at its recent launch in Berlin, as an addition to its EasyCollect range.
The new XCollect design comes in three models that cater for three different work widths including the 600-3 (8 rows, 6m); the 750-3 (10 rows, 7.5m) and the 900-3 (12 rows, 9m), with all three separated onto two separate drivelines which split the function of cutting and collecting. 
Cutting is done by fast-rotating scythed discs which provide a free cut that smashes the maize stalk left on the ground, allowing a quicker residue break down post-harvest. The crop is fed into the machine by the collector and it feeds the plants lengthwise to the pre-compression rollers and the chopping drum. 
Each disc is fixed in place by just one central bolt which allows for straightforward disc replacement. Mounted almost horizontally, the discs cut the crop at the bottom and fingers collect and feed the plants into the harvester just above. 
Operators can select one of two speeds varied between 1000 and 3000 rpm to adapt to individual crop and harvest conditions, while individual discs are protected by shear plates and in pairs by wear-free ratchet clutches. 
Electronic features include AutoScan, a maturity detector with auto chop length control and high inertia for quiet running, as well as active ground contouring which now includes three skids – one under the central cone and two at either end – rather than the two outer skids on previous EasyCollect models.
The new header range boasts convenient road travel being made up of three sections – the XCollect 600-3 and XCollect 750-3 fold to a 3m transport width and the XCollect 900-3 to 3.29m – ensuring exceptional visibility at all times. A big advantage to the range is the optional addition of a fully integrated transport chassis which takes weight off the forager’s front axle and enhances operator comfort. The running gear is not removed from the base machine but is raised hydraulically during field work. 
Expected to be popular among those with Big X foragers, the new XCollect range comes in eight-row, 10-row and 12-row (6m, 7.5m and 9m) tri-folding versions and can be used on any Big X models built from 2010 onwards. 
While Krone’s EasyCollect headers are still available on the market, those 6 to 12-row EasyCollect headers are now compatible with other forager brands.