CZECH manufacturer, Zetor, has two new models on the way to the UK – the Crystal HD150/170 models will replace the outgoing 150/160 models which were launched in 2015.
There are a few upgrades for the new packages. Power is produced by a Deutz 6.1 litre TCD L6 Agri engine which is tweaked to produce the 150/171 max hp on the HD150 and HD170 models, respectively. It has SCR, DPF and EGR emission systems to keep them sweet with regulators.
But perhaps the biggest change is in cabin design, which has been raised 10cm and promises a much improved all around panoramic vision. Changes have also facilitated the addition of a new short shift gear stick arrangement that requires low effort, through Bowden cables, for gear selection to the new 40kph ECO gearbox via five gears working with a three-speed splitter and hi/lo gearbox. 
In the cabin, a new style dashboard and upgraded air conditioning system, plus soft touch illuminated switches have been added. Comfort is further enhanced by a new luxury pneumatic seating arrangement, with a swivel facility.
Another new feature is the right-hand operator’s console which has four electro hydraulic spool valves with time and flow sensing. There is also the ability to operate these through a standard joystick arrangement, which can also double-up to be used in conjunction with a front end loader.
The latest Crystals maintains a four-speed pto arrangement and have 8500 kg of hydraulic lift on the rear Cat 3 linkage. Front axle independent suspension is also standard as is a 100% front locking differential, with front axle braking as required for a 40kph rating.
The braking system has also been revamped, with the rear axle braking now being pneumatically actuated giving better performance with less pedal effort. Front linkage and pto is an option.