WITH A complete revamp of its product portfolio over the past year, Kramer has expanded its product portfolio of telehandlers for agriculture by eight models with a stacking height from 6-9 m – bringing the total on offer to 11.

The latest pair, the KT407 (four tonne) and KT429 (4.2 tonnes) have the innovative electronically pilot-operated all-in-one joystick and the jog dial control element common across all but one of the range.

All relevant vehicle data and settings are displayed via the new 7-inch display, where the optional reversing camera images are also integrated into. The new 4.2-tonne max KT429 gets the option of the new hydrostatic, wide-angle drive system ecospeedPRO, which has a 370cc capacity for increased tractive force and driving dynamics. This variable hydrostatic high-speed gearbox has a 45° turning angle of the hydraulic motor which was co-developed by Kramer to suit their applications.

This drive system allows continuous acceleration from 0-40 km/h without shifting and maintains the positive properties for hydrostatic drives, such as easy reversing, good metering, fine controllability, inching and brake force support.

Kramer’s intelligent engine speed reduction system is integrated into the new ecospeedPRO. This optimally adjusts engine speed to driving requirements at a constant speed and when it reaches the maximum speed it is possible to reduce the engine speed to 1550 rpm.

It consists of powerful load-sensing hydraulics, innovative ecospeedPRO drive system and the time-tested and proven Deutz engine.

As with the rest of the 8-series, the steering modes of all-wheel, crab steering and front axle steering are available as a standard, but this newcomer has a bucket tipping load of 6100 kg and a stacking payload of 4200 kg – it’s biggest wheeled loader yet.

The new flagship is driven by a 100 kW Deutz TCD 3.6-litre engine which meets Stage IV emission regulations using DOC and SCR. A more powerful option is a 115 kW 4.1-litre Deutz, which gets under the emission levels using the addition of a diesel particulate filter.

It also has the new hydrostatic, wide-angle drive system ecospeedPRO with 370cc capacity for increased tractive force and driving dynamics. development.

‘Smart Driving is also integrated into the model and again it is possible to reduce engine speed to 1550 rpm at maximum travel speed.

High work cycles are achieved using the standard 150 l/min hydraulic pump, though for more demanding scenarios, a 180 l/min pump, also with load-sensing hydraulic performance, is available.

An extended loader unit with a bucket pivot point of 4.2m is available as an option for the standard loader unit with a bucket pivot point of 3.75m. A hydraulic quickhitch facility has a hefty 50 mm thick lock pin.

The cab comes with a 7-inch LCD display with an integrated reversing camera.