Utilising more slurry and reducing artificial fertiliser costs is one of the main goals of Canadian company Cadman which introduced its Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA) at EuroTier.

This massive machine holds 800 metres of 5.5 inch hose pumping slurry with a Cornell pump powered by a John Deere 375 horsepower engine. It is designed to be a one man operation and can apply slurry to growing crops up to one metre in height.

The tractor pulls the injector with the patented CMA swivel arm which in turn pulls the hose away from the CMA and incorporates in 30’ or 40’ width rows.

When the tractor gets to the opposite end of the field (up to 0.5 miles), the tractor turns 180° and comes back down the field, incorporating another 30’ and 40’ strip. When the tractor turns, the swing arm turns to the side of the toolbar, which keeps the hose in the same row it was pulled out on.

While the operator is completing his return trip, the remote control automatically moves the CMA forward another 60’ or 80’ in order to start another pass.

The empty weight of the unit is 32 tonnes and it is for sale at US$514,000 (£400,850).