This winter, the first Vredo VT7028-3 will arrive in the UK – it is the biggest self-propelled slurry spreader available and this new generation machine has 687 hp at its disposal

Combined with the in-house developed Vredo CVT transmission, the VT7028 comes with huge load-bearing tyres with a greater diameter of up to 900/60R42.

A three-axle machine – with the tandem axle having a bogie construction – the machine can be equipped with a 32m3 slurry tank, or a Tebbe spreader of 35 tonnes. It can be driven in crab steer and has in-slurry application a three-point hitch, which is automatically controlled. Due to its high loading capacity, 200 m3/hour is achievable.

Also, Vredo has developed a new special slurry tank for the tri-axle VT7028-3 with atank which is 0.5m narrower, but the volume remains the same. This is achieved by using a flexible slurry ‘bag’ on the top of the polyester tank which is automatically filled during the reloading process. The polyester base tank has a volume of 26m3 and the flexible bag 6m3.

This fits in with road legal preferences in many countries, including the UK and with this innovation, Vredo has achieved a 3m transport width even with a dribble bar or trailing shoe toolbar of up to 30m width. This is the same transport width as the vehicle itself – with a 36m dribble bar, the transport width is still only 3.4m.