LAMMA has a well-earned reputation for showing the very best of arable machinery, but there's also a hefty offering of livestock-related tackle to take in.

Being hosted at the NEC Birmingham for the first time on January 8 and 9, there will be a lot of new ideas and cutting-edge equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the latest livestock kit includes:

* McHale is introducing its R 68-78 centre delivery rake, which delivers an aerated swath for high output baling or harvesting.

Both rotors are suspended centrally and operate at equal ground pressures across the working width. Tine movement can be adjusted to cater for different crop conditions. The variable working width (6.8-7.8m) is adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat.

There will also be McHale’s ProGlide B9000 butterfly rear mowers on parade and these also now comes with a hydraulic width adjustment as an option, to help achieve optimum cutting performance in hilly or undulating conditions.

The company’s F5, V6 and Fusion balers all get a new pick-up, which includes larger feed augers, flexible floor and camless pick-up option to deliver higher output and better reliability, particularly in uneven lumpy swaths and heavy and light rows.

The company will also display its new film binding baler, the F5600 Plus. This eliminates the need for net wrap, binding the bale with film in the bale chamber.

* Aimed at large-scale grassland operations, Kuhn’s Merge Max 950 bi-directional belt merger uses two adjustable, variable width and bi-directional merger belts to give a maximum grass pick-up width of 9.5m to provide multiple windrow delivery options.

Auto-regulating rollers at the front and side of the pick-up unit self-adjust their position according to crop thickness, passing a consistent supply of forage to the merger belts to produce a uniform, airy and faster-drying windrow.

* Tanco’s latest version of the 1400 series high-output trailed round bale wrapper, the 1400-V, features at LAMMA.

Its patented split table is designed to allow simultaneous wrapped bale unloading and next bale reloading, is retained on the 1400-V, and enhanced with auto-loading.

* McHale will also be showing its latest products from the C4 silage feeder and straw blower range, including two new models, the C430 linkage machine to cater for users who have restricted access to confined space and the C470 to provide a machine with extra capacity.

The current C460 is a trailed machine that has the capacity for two 4ft bales.

* Trioliet will present the Solomix 3 New Edition range of mixer wagons with a capacities of 27, 30 and 34 cu m.

The program three-auger mixers are low profile machines featuring a range of discharge options – side doors, conveyor belt at front or (adjustable) chain conveyor at front. They feature Dual Flow, whereby feed is mixed vertically and horizontally resulting in faster mixing with a power requirement of 140-160hp.