A NEW model has been added to Knight Farm Machinery's self-propelled sprayer range which includes a number of equipment up-grades.

A key feature of the 1800 series sprayer is the option of a lower position for the cab to lower the centre of gravity of the machine and allow Knight to offer a greater range of booms.

The re-design includes taking the Ad-Blue tank from the front to the side of the machine, where it is located near the main sprayer controls, and near the new tool box and storage area which has been added.

David Main, Knight’s sales manager, said at LAMMA this week that the changes continue the company’s policy of continuous improvement: “The new tool box and storage area will enable operators to carry all the tools and spare/replacement parts they need into the field with them, which will make in-field maintenance much simpler and quicker.

“Everything will be protected inside robust panels which will keep all the controls clean and dry – something we are sure operators will appreciate.

“With the conventional cab position, the current 1800 series can only be fitted with wider booms of the tri-fold design. A lower cab position opens up the option of fitting wider two-fold booms, which will speed up unfolding and folding time and reduce the machine’s weight, which is an important consideration for some customers.”

The new model is expected to come with a starting price of £153,000, with the final price depending on tank size, boom width and ancillary equipment chosen.

Knight is also upgrading its Trailblazer II range of sprayers that will simplify the machine’s plumbing and help operators achieve better spraying performance and compliance with environmental regulations.

A hydraulically driven pump now located at the rear of the chassis and immediately adjacent to the boom removes several metres of pipework, which drastically reduces the volume of spray solution remaining in the machine at the end of work.

Knight is also fitting an air purge system that reduces spill risks and washing out time in two ways – when filling the machine, once the tank is full the air purge can be activated to return spray solution in the feed pipe to the storage tank, avoiding wastage and the potential for spillages.

At the end of spraying when the tank is empty, the system can be used to purge the spray boom and all pipes containing spray solution onto the cropped area.

A new induction hopper is also being offered, moving from a rectangular design to a circular one with increased capacity. This hopper is more efficient and improves mixing.