Following the launch of Maschio's Unico mounted ploughs last summer, a new bigger and ‘beefed up’ semi-mounted Mirco plough was on the marque's stand at LAMMA this week.

Expected to be on sale in the UK this autumn, this has a larger 160mm x 160mm main beam frame and has the option for in-furrow, or on land/in-furrow ploughing.

Requiring tractors of 230-400hp to pull it, it comes in in 6-9 furrows as a shearbolt version and 6-8 furrows in the non-stop hydraulic (NSH) version. Its design means that the plough’s rear wheel is in constant contact with the ground which, alongside a unique pivoting headstock design, gives it a tight headland turning angle of more than 100°.

The interbody clearance of 105cm helps when working in wet conditions and copes with high levels of trash.

Its a straightforward machine, with a standard hydraulic front furrow on the on land/in-furrow version ensuring the line-of-pull remains straight and true (when used in-furrow), whilst also being available as an option on the in-furrow version.

Furrow depth is controlled by the large 500/50-R17 depth wheel and it shares the same leg, body and quick-fit skimmer design as the Unico range, and both mechanical or hydraulic variable working width adjustment is available.