TWO MODELS in its A series fitted with the HiTech 4 powershift transmssions have been announced by AGCO's Finnish tractor maker, Valtra – and their first public showing was at this week's LAMMA show in Birmingham.

The new A104 and A114 models – which fall into the 'livestock' category – get the 16F plus 16R powershift transmission which has four ranges with four powershift steps each. This has been optimised for field and farmyard work with six speeds available in the main work speed range between 4 and12 km/h.

A super creeper 32F plus 32R option is further available allowing speeds below 100m per hour at 1400 rpm engine speed for specialist operations.

Manual changes are via rocker switches on the Control Grip lever, while a range of automatic and pre-programmable functions allow drivers to focus on the implement and work surroundings, while the tractor takes care of the shifting. This will be useful for front-loader work, which can also now be handled more precisely thanks to a new joystick with optional third and fourth function, with the SoftDrive shock absorber and hydraulic implement locking built in.

The new models get a mechanical cab suspension and two Panhard rods are optional for better stability, while the level of suspension can be pre-adjusted, just like on the more sophisticated Valtra N and T Series tractors.

The instrument panel has been updated and the display can be adjusted to show information relevant to specific work task.

Power comes from the same four-cylinder AGCO Power AWFC engine, which are tweaked to 100 and 110 hp, depending on the model. These Stage 4 compliant engines need only SCR after-treatment technology (AdBlue) to hit the spec'. Both can be factory-fitted with a front pto and front linkage option.

Valtra's A series are now eligible for the Valtra 'Connect, Care and Go' service which allows customers to pre-define service costs related to their machine, plus gives access to online services, fleet telemetry information and pro-active dealer maintenance. An extended warranty contract is also an option.

New suspended axle for N series

Valtra's N Series tractors can now be fitted with the Airies air-suspended front axle option.

Widely used on commercial vehicles, it has been a unique Valtra feature for more than 20 years. The air-suspended front axle is claimed to give a faster response and better shock absorption level, especially when the axle load is changing rapidly during front loader use.

The N series system is a version of that well-proven in the Valtra T series and has a separate, self-levelling pneumatic suspension with one air bellow as well as two robust shock absorbers. It uses compressed air system, which can also be used for other tasks such as trailer braking, cleaning dust off radiators and daily maintenance.

The new suspension will become available on Stage 5 compliant versions of the N Series – in spring the N174 models can get it and in the autumn, the N134 and N154 models, will have the option.

Big Valtras hit emission spec's

ALL N, T and S series tractors above 130 kW will comply with Stage 5 emission standards during 2019.

Starting this month, T and S series will get the upgrade, while N series tractors will begin later in the spring with the N174 and in the autumn for N134 and N154 models.

N and T Series engines continue to be free of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology and on S Series the level of EGR is kept below 15%.

The design of all these tractors has been adapted to accommodate the larger after-treatment installations.

New 'smart farming' features and customised services will also be introduced during 2019, including the provision of a second terminal on N, T and S Series. This can be used as a display for ISOBUS implements, to access and manage Auto-Guidance and related field management options or to access an external camera. The same easy-to-use terminal is now also available as an option for N and T Series Active and HiTech models bringing Smart Farming also to these more basic specification models.