THE VENTA drill range made by Kuhn now has the addition of 1010 series machines, which come equipped with Suffolk coulters.

In combination with Kuhn’s HR power range, these are suited to working at varying seeding depths in a wide range of soil conditions and are available in 3m, 3.5m and 4m working widths.

These complement the to a current Venta 1020 series with double disc coulters and the 1030 machines with the Seedflex precision coulter bar.

The Suffolk coulter units on the 1010 series allow the optimum seeding depth to be maintained via an adjustable depth stop. Each seeding unit operates with 35kg of pressure to maintain even sowing depth.

As with all Ventas, they have a volumetric fluted metering unit with large splines for larger seeds (wheat, barley, peas, and beans) and smaller ones for small seeds, such as rape and alfalfa. Seeding rates can be set from the tractor cab at between 1 and 430 kg/ha.

A remote calibration ‘start button’, located close to the metering unit, makes calibrating the machine easy to achieve without the need to go back into the tractor cab to access the drill’s main control panel.

Operating in combination, tillage and seeding are carried out independently due to a roller frame design which effectively separates the two functions. This patented design allows for a more compact unit and enables the two units to be uncoupled in less than 10 minutes.

The newcomers are available with 1500-litre and 1800-litre hopper capacities, with LED lighting fitted on the hopper’s metering unit as standard for night work.