A precision method of applying slurry to grassland for multi-cut silage sites, has been developed by slurry management specialists, Tramspread. The system uses a Joskin trailing shoe and disc injector matched up to a Tramspread umbilical kit and is aimed at placing the slurry below the crop canopy, so the chance of scorch and odour emission is low whilst nutrient uptake is much higher. Critically for those looking to cut every four or five weeks, it uses a soil engaging element which parts the grass sward and dribbles the slurry directly onto the ground, resulting in very little leaf contamination. Edwin Baker, of Tramspread, said: “By adapting the Joskin trailing shoe to operate with an umbilical system, large quantities of slurry can be applied directly on to the soil without the need to refill a tanker. It can be fed by hose reelers of up to 2400m allowing users to cover large areas quickly and efficiently.” The trailing shoe option is available in widths from 3m to 7.74m and with 28 coulters spaced at 21.5cm intervals, it is well suited to umbilical use because it easily copes with the supply from a modern slurry pump