THE well-proven CVT gearbox option has now been extended to New Holland's T5 Series being sold in the UK.

The four new T5 Auto Command models offer more in-cab space and comfort, adding features prized for increased versatility in grassland operations, arable farming, transport and cultivation.

Sean Lennon, the head of NH's tractor product line, said the Auto Command models were 'ideal for mixed farmers, medium sized dairy operations and professional farmers where loader work is key'.

The highly manoeuvrable tractor's main feature is its seamless gear changing thanks to the award-winning AutoCommand CVT technology. This has three-stage acceleration and deceleration to match performance to each task – there's a 'soft' setting for gentle direction changes, especially for during high speed transport or when working on slippery surfaces; the 'standard' option is for normal field activities; and the 'super-fast' setting gives near instantaneous direction changes.

The T5's look like being ideal for loader work and are powered by the proven NEF four-cylinder, 4.5 litre engine developed by FPT Industrial. This gives maximum outputs ranging from 110 to 140 hp – which are up to 20 hp more than the current T5.120 ElectroCommand model.

The AutoCommands meet Stage V emission standards using the new Hi-ESCR2 technology, a maintenance-free after-treatment system which is neatly packaged under the hood, which is without EGR.

The new Horizon cab offers more space and lower noise levels than the current models, with a one-piece front screen giving some commanding views of your work.

For those who are looking for that little bit of extra comfort, the top rated T5.140 model will be available as a Blue Power version with more technology and eye-catching design.

Model Rated engine power (hp) Max power (hp)

T5.110 AutoCommand 100 110

T5.120 AutoCommand 110 120

T5.130 AutoCommand 120 130

T5.140 AutoCommand 130 140