AIMED at countering both the high cost of specialist equipment and the potential loss of ammonia nitrate to the atmosphere, specialist manufacturer has launched its Modulo Advantage system to the market.

This has been designed as an easy-to-use machine suited to small farming businesses and tractors of around110hp. Its basis is an 11,000-litre slurry tanker fitted with a 7.5m Pendislide basic boom is fitted.

This spreading boom is a new development from the brand and is fitted with control automation and a Scalper macerator to chop the slurry. It is also fitted with wear-resistant Ertalon skids, which apply continuous pressure to the ground by means of a system of leaf springs.

Tyre choice is also a key component, and the single axle is fitted with Alliance 800/65R32 tyres for a load capacity of 9.9tonnes at 40 km/h per wheel. If necessary, this new vehicle can be fitted as an option with a front filling arm using a 'jumbo' cone.

Also keeping the unit cost down is Joskin's plan to mass produce the slurry tanker in an assembly line that will feed the market from this July. Joskin said that by producing a large quantity of a single model meant cheaper raw materials, a more profitable distribution of the workforce and a higher

efficiency for automated manufacturing processes.

It said: "The resulting savings will have a direct impact on the sale price and allow, in this case, to deliver a high-tech product at the price of a standard one. We will offer the Modulo Advantage at price lower than € 35,000*, ex VAT – and that's a price that has never been achieved for a full option slurry tanker with exclusive filling arm and fitted with a rear implement."

*Price is exclusive transport costs and without certification kit compulsory in some countries.