Leading manufacturer of the vegetable handling equipment, Haith, has extended its range of box fillers, with the launch of the Supa-Fill 400 PRO.

This offers several advantages over the current version and is capable of filling up to 40 boxes per hour. It uses the Omron NB 3 HMI control screen, which gives fingertip access to the machine’s advanced functions, including manual and fully automatic box filling, box height selection, lifetime and batch counting for stock recording and assisting with maintenance scheduling.

As well as the HMI screen, there’s also variable speed control as standard, a flat belt with fall retarders which provide better cushioning to the crop, compared to machines using cleats or door stops.

It can fill boxes ranging from 900 to 1200mm in height and, by featuring self-levelling sensors the machine, which Haith believes is the most sophisticated on the market today, delivers consistently even filling.

As well as improving the features found on the machine, Haith has also extended the warranty from one to two years at no extra cost.