THERE was a new name in the ranks of machinery at this year’s Royal Highland Show – Turkish manufacturer Basak, not only showed off some of its tractor range, but also a competitive telescopic handler.

At the show, one of its biggest offerings was on display. The Basak 5120 develops 116bhp from 3.6-litre four-cylinder and turbocharged Deutz which is matched to a 32 x 32 ZF transmission. Both are proven mechanics and the styling is reminiscent of Steyr tractors, with which the company has a bit of history – it used to make that branded product before setting up its own brand.

Now part of Sanko Group, it manufactures a range of tractors from cabless compacts up to the 5120, its biggest tractor.

The 5120 has a four-speed power-shift, with power-shuttle and there’s up-to-date electro-hydraulic four-wheel-drive actuation plus four-wheel-braking.

At the rear end, there’s a lift capacity of 5.5 tonnes and a standard six couplers – though up to 10 can be specified. A front pto is also optional, with the rear pto have four speeds, 540/540E and 1000/1000E.

There’s also a handy range of wheeled telescopic loaders, ranging from the 40 kmh ST 7.40 – a 6.35m max lift height and max lift of four tonnes – up to the 30 kmh ST17.30, which has a lift height of 16.3m, though reduced lift of 1.2 tonnes.

All in the range are powered by a 100hp Perkins four-cylinder engine and have 100 l/per minute hydraulic capacity. Hydrostatic transmission is standard throughout as is the ability to crab steer.