An updated range of towed ATV mowers has been launched by Co Antrim-based manufacturer, Quad-X.

This includes models suitable for lawn cutting, topping and shredding dense vegetation, while a totally new model has been developed to tackle overgrown areas that would traditionally be tidied up using a strimmer.

This latter machine, with its Strimit deck, has a new invention developed for use under fences and solar panels, along laneways and verges, plus tidying around trees. Designed to fit on any ATV, this novel machine allows the user to keep at a safe distance from any debris and clippings, getting the job done from the seat.

The deck can pivot at the centre of the frame allowing greater access to hard to reach areas, while a protection bar protects the deck. Running on 15 x 6 x 6 wheels, the cutting diameter is easily adjusted as is the cutting height and drawbar height to allow use with different towing vehicles.

The Strimit is fitted with a 7.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine and has detachable panels for easy maintenance.

Quad X’s Wildcut rotary and flail mowers are for topping grass and weeds, such as docks, thistles and nettles, in areas where tractor access may be difficult.

The extreme versions and the innovative power shredder mowers can handle up to heavy five-foot rushes, bracken or heather, and the shredder chops into a mulch-like material.

For large lawns, Quad-X’s compact rotary mower, with its twin blades, gives a tidy finish and the offset wheels allow the ATV mower to get around obstacles, such as shrubs and flower beds easily.