WITH reducing carbon emissions the buzz-word at the moment, there are some positives coming out in favour of agriculture and the machines that serve it.

The Carbon Trust recently validated a Keenan product as the first environmentally sustainable diet feeder in the world.

The Irish-based machinery brand, has been certified as a producing diet feeder proven to reduce methane emissions on-farm. Its cutting-edge diet feeders, which produce a unique homogeneous mix, is said to optimise rumen health and ensures consistent animal performance.

The Carbon Trust verified that reduced methane output linked to enhanced rumen performance (per litre of milk and daily liveweight gain in beef animals) can come as a result of improved feed conversion efficiency (FCE) in livestock.

Having investigated the output from the Keenan feeder and reviewing data trust said it could increase rumen efficiency by delivering feed that is more easily digestible for cattle, meaning less energy is required and produced by each animal.

“The animal food supply chain is faced with growing pressures to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions. As concern for our planet’s finite resources escalates, we have a responsibility to be proactive in sourcing solutions and partnerships that can relieve environmental strain and prioritize sustainability on-farm,” said Matt Higgins, general manager at Keenan.

The trust’s report cited that improving herd performance through improved FCE is expected to reduce methane production and Keenan estimated this to be as much as 25% less methane when a below average herd receives rations from its diet feeder and the control system.

“The Carbon Trust accreditation is a powerful endorsement, which enables us to further help farmers reduce their on-farm carbon footprint, while increasing their profitability,” said Mr Higgins.