Leading slurry equipment manufacturer, SlurryKat, is to unveil various new innovative products to the market at this year’s National Ploughing Championships, in Co Carlow, Eire.

Popular in the UK, SlurryKat said it was acting on the threat looming here of the all-out ban on splash plates and a renewed focus on alternative spreading methods.

To meet an expected demand, it has developed an all-new 12m vertical folding dribble bar which can be both tanker mounted or used on an existing umbilical system, coupled to the all-new Bak Pak reeler capable of carrying up to 1000m of five-inch hose.

Also, there will be the all-new Panterra trailer range which shares the same components and build quality found in all its spreader equipment. This consists of two lines, low loader trailers and drop side general purpose trailers.

A low loader range has two versions, a tandem-axle 16-tonne and tri-axle 24-tonne, where standard features include sprung ramps, full LED lighting, 80 kph axles, heavy duty multi-leaf suspension, side crash rails. Optional extras include dual air and hydraulic brakes, hydraulic ramps, aluminium lockable toolbox and alternative colour paint finish.

The drop side trailer range has four models, 8, 10, 12 and 14 tonne, all of which come as standard with tandem axles and hydraulic brakes and full LED lighting. Other features include a single tipping cylinder, which is carried across from the company’s premium trailer range and sides and posts are easily removable to leave a flat trailer. Extra are flotation tyres, dual air and hydraulic brakes.